If you would like to submit a short story or poem for inclusion in one of our upcoming anthologies please email us at

We cannot pay for pieces, at least at this stage. Instead we offer exposure for new authors and a free copy of the anthology if your work is selected. However, we do ask for first serial rights on any work we publish. The work should not have appeared anywhere else, either in print or online, including the author’s website. If we publish a story, we will maintain a six month period of exclusivity and the right to keep the story in print as part of the anthology. Beyond these conditions, the story remains the intellectual property of the author. Submissions are not confined to the UK, but must be in English, and must be unpublished in their original language. Please let us know if your story is a translation.

We are now accepting submissions for our upcoming anthologies. The next theme will be ‘Dark humour in the face of adversity’ and the theme for the following anthology will be ‘Science vs Superstition’ as ever we would encourage you to think outside the box and interpret these themes as you wish.

Submission Guidelines

1. Stories must be 5000-10000 words in length or equivalent 10-20 A4 pages.

2. Font size 12, Times New Roman.

3. Submissions must be either doc or docx format.

4. Poetry submissions can be on any theme with no min/max word limit.


Send your submissions to