Remembrance Project


This will be a collection of stories describing the experiences of those affected by service and conflict. In aid of but not exclusively aimed at combat veterans. We want to present all aspects, so not just veterans and friends and family but civilians, refugees etc. Not limited to recent history but any situation involving service. If you have anything to contribute, even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a writer, please send us your story. We are also accepting submissions of poetry and art for this project. Successful story submissions will receive a copy of the anthology. Due to printing costs we are unable to provide a free anthology for successful submissions of art or poetry. We will however promote all successful pieces and are looking for writers/poets/artists that we can continue to work with in the future.


The Poppy Factory is a registered charity which provides employment support to disabled veterans across England and Wales. Affiliated with the Royal British Legion, they produce the poppies available every year for the Poppy Appeal. For every copy of the anthology sold InkyLab will donate 50p to the Poppy Factory.