About InkyLab

As writers ourselves we have submitted prose and poetry to a wide array of established publishers (with varying degrees of success), and know how difficult and frustrating it is to get your work in print. To which end we got together and founded InkyLab, with an eye to publishing writers of all genres regardless of experience. If, like us, you’ve received one after another of the accustomed template rejection letter, with its We like your style, but… it’s too avant-garde; we don’t know what genre to put it in; how to market it; its target demographic… this may be the place for you. We want to create a place where anyone can get their work published.

We are committed to working with our writers and supporting them in any way we can. We don’t care if you’ve only been writing for a week and you don’t think you’ve got what it takes. Send us your work and we’ll help you make your voice heard.

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InkyLab Books

NE14 10S

InkyLab Anthology No. 1

NE14 10S - InkyLab Anthology No. 1

Our first release based on the theme of ‘North East’. Buchanesque assassination plots, shadowy fantasy realms, Newcastle in ruins, murderous hitchhikers. A world and more of short stories for you to lose yourself in.

Outside of a Dog

InkyLab Anthology No. 2

From the bizarre surrealism of a voodoo writer who can turn your world upside down with a flick of his pen to the prosaic prolixity of a conversation about a cork down the pub; from totalitarian regimes to demonic editors and jabberwocky crusades, Outside of a Dog presents all the possibilities of the world of books in one book.

Tears O’er A Tin Box

InkyLab Remembrance Anthology

For the first time in an InkyLab anthology, prose and poetry jostle shoulder to shoulder in the trenches and drag each other across the desert sands. Many of these pieces were written by veterans with first-hand experience of conflict and proceeds from every copy sold will go towards a charitable donation to The Poppy Factory.